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New Book: consumer preference and acceptance of food

Date: 2021-10-21

Edited by Derek v. Byrne, professor and head of the scientific team.


The broad scope and key applicability of sensory and Consumer Science in 2020 and beyond are presented in many research environments, and all multidisciplinary disciplines focus on sensory science.

This book presents extensive research, emphasizing that the acceptance and preference of food sensory characteristics is one of the most important criteria for determining food selection. Sensory perception and our response to food and the final food choice itself are affected by numerous internal and external factors. The urgent question is, how do these factors specifically affect our acceptance and preference for food, whether in themselves or in various contexts, including basic and applied?

Careful research shows that the research trend of these factors and our senses on our perception and emotional response to food and our food choices is timely. Therefore, in this special issue "consumer preference and acceptance of food", we have collected articles covering extensive multidisciplinary research in the space related to identifying key factors related to basic interactions and cross model effects. Different backgrounds and dietary scenarios, as well as research using unique research design methods and methods.