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Discover the future of sensory design through global research!

We are committed to promoting future food technology and innovation!

Shanghai RUIFEN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the agency and sales of food sensory analysis, sensory intelligent instruments and sensory analysis software and professional companies for technical services and technical support.

At the same time, new equipment is introduced, such as in vitro simulated digestion equipment, pulse photoelectric sterilization equipment, etc,It is committed to providing high-quality services for teachers and students in Colleges and universities.

2021 Shanghai RUIFEN sensory evaluation technology course

Date: 2021-08-09

About courses

The sensory course is an open sensory course for peers studying product sensory characteristics, sensory evaluation technology and sensory science application.

The course was founded by Shanghai Ruifen in 2016, once or twice a year. We hope that this course will provide all sensory practitioners with cutting-edge research on sensory science. All content and activities are available in three languages: French, English and Chinese. During the course period, participants will learn new sensory science and sensory evaluation through multiple interdisciplinary subjects (food, sensory, psychology, Neuroscience). After understanding the basic knowledge of the senses, we will learn about the human sensory system and operating characteristics, application examples and development trends of sensory evaluation, as well as how to select sensory methods and scene applications. We will also understand some influencing factors behind the senses.

Course theme

Teach students to solve a practical problem oriented test design, implementation and processing, and complete the experience of the whole process of sensory evaluation.