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CSAs sensory analysis software has always been a network application focusing on sensory and consumer research. It has developed into a tool to help hundreds of leading organizations around the world improve and maintain their product quality. We provide these organizations with all the tools they need for sensory and consumer research, and work with them on a long-term basis to further develop our software based on specific customer needs and predicted market needs and new technologies.

In addition to sensory software, we also provide you with customized sensory laboratory services, sensory accessories, sensory training and sensory testing services. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive sensory solutions.

Detailed Introduction

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CSAS Introduction

CSAS Sensory Software

CSAS launched its sensory testing software after years of using it in-house. CSAS’s cutting-edge sensory software is s a sensory evaluation software that can be managed on any Internet device, from anywhere. CSAS’s online survey software manages all aspects of your sensory and consumer research from customer satisfaction surveys to providing an online survey tool for calculating your Net Promoter Score; contact us to demo our consumer testing software today!

CSAS is a powerful, innovative, and intuitive sensory research tool. It's developed using the latest in web technology and Distributed computing technology, and designed so that all stakeholders, from researchers to brand managers to executives, can make sense of the data they use. We support your research from start to finish. CSAS includes all features required for sensory and consumer research: panel management, data collection, analysis and reporting.

CSAS is unique in its flexibility, customisability and user-friendliness. User experience is the driving force for our continuous improvement. Our software provides flexibility to integrate with other systems and customise its features to meet your requirements – now and in the future. 

CSAS Sensory Software Sensory Method Module:

Difference Testing::
○   “A” or“not A”test, “A” or“not A”test with certainty ruler, Simple difference test, Simple difference test with certainty ruler, triangle test, duo-trio test

○   Paired Comparison, Ranking

Descriptive Analysis:
○   class test、Free descriptive analysis、Free descriptive quantitative analysis、Check-all-that-apply、Rate-all-that-apply method(RATA)、Quantitative-Descriptive-Analysis(Multiple words on one page)、Quantitative-Descriptive-Analysis(Word per page)、Multiscale quantitative description.
○   Line scales are fully customizable to support an array of descriptive analysis methods.
○   Specify line length, add labels, add tick marks, specify starting and ending value, specify accuracy.
○   Ability to display multiple samples on the same line scale.
○   Ability to display the previous sample evaluated on the line scale.

○   Consumer Acceptance and Preferences、Just about right test.
○   Ability to include “No Preference” and choose how to apply No Preference responses – Drop, Split Equally, Split Proportionally.

Dynamic Survey Experience:
○   Point and click logic allows you to customize the survey experience.
○   Questions can be triggered by a previous question, sample being served, survey position, etc.
○   Smart text allows you to vary your questionnaire by sample.

Temporal Methods:
○   Time Intensity
○   Temporal Dominance of Sensations

Other Methods:
○   Profiling, Basic Tastes, Direct Feedback, Threshold

CSAS Analyses

CSAS Analyses

Save time by analyzing your data with CSAS, our unique and easy to use analysis wizard in CSAS. Analysis are based on the popular statistical language “python” and created, validated and supported by numpy, scipy, StatsModel. CSAS offers dynamic online charts which can be exported to Excel for editing. Data filters on Assessor, Data Type, Session, Sample prior to analysis for data quality check. 

○   Tukey, Duncan’s, LSD 
○   T-Test (Paired and Unpaired) 
○   Choose Stat Model: Sample, Participant + Sample, Participant + Sample + Participant * Sample, Participant + Sample + Repetition
○   Standard Deviation – Sample and Population

JAR Scales
○   Cochrane’s Q across products for percentages – includes calculated P value 
○   McNemar’s between pairs
○   T-Test (Paired and Unpaired) )

Frequency Data
○   Cochrane's Q across products for percentages – includes calculated P value
○   McNemar's between pairs 
○   T-Test (Paired and Unpaired) 
○   Automated penalty analysis

Friedman's Analysis:
○   Calculate significance for ranking.

○   Calculate significance for preference. 
○   Ability to include"No Preference" and choose how to apply No Preference responses – Drop, Split Equally, Split Proportionally. 

Penalty Analysis
○   Automatically calculated
○   Outputs as XY Scatter Plot – mean drop vs. percentage and as a weighted bar chart

Difference Tests
○   Calculates P Value / Confidence Intervals and updates continuously during testing.

Attribute PCA
○   Ability to exclude products or attributes and re-run
○   Ability to change factors
○   Ability to highlight products or attributes

Product PCA
○   Covariance or correlation

Descriptive Statistics
○   Post Hoc methods – Tukey, Duncan's LSD 
○   Product PCA Matrix
○   All scale values supported
○   Customized tolerance settings
○   Customized formatting for charts by modality
○   Control Vs allows you to identify differences between two products at a time 
○   Exclude panelists or products without modifying original data files
○   Included detailed and summary statistics online and in an Excel file 

Panel Performance
○   Included in Descriptive Analysis
○   The most detailed, panel performance metrics in any sensory application – includes the following on a per test and across test basis
○   Crossover
○   Scale Range
○   Scale Mean
○   Standard Deviation
○   Attribute Decision Influence 
○   Significant Attribute Identification

○   Filters allow you to analyze data by questions included in your surveys
○   Demographics
○   Concept/PI, etc

Export Data
○   All data is exported directly to Excel with charts exported as Graphs.

CSAS Sensory Software Advantages

CSAS Sensory Software Has Many Advantages
○   There are various sensory analysis methods, 24+, which can meet various sensory testing needs, and also provide customized services.
○   No hardware to purchase or maintain.
○   Free software upgrades forever.
○   Reduced operating costs.
○   No more being frustrated with your IT department.
○   Unrivaled security — Your data, as well as the servers it resides on, are protected with the latest and most sophisticated tools available.
○   Unlimited processing power — CSAS has the ability to constantly monitor it's processing power needs.If more power is necessary (as frequently required for analysis of data), new servers are instantly spun up and that power is added.
○   Manage all of your subjects globally from a central database.
○   Convenient and fast data collection.
○   CSAS is unique in its flexibility, customisability and user-friendliness. The software can be modified and extended to meet your specific requirements. This means you are well equipped to deal with your daily work while also anticipating future developments and requirements.

CSAS Sensory Software Features

CSAS Sensory Software Features

○   Quick and Easy
Quickly create new projects and instantly run customised reports using powerful analyses. CSAS allows you to present your reports within minutes after data collection.

○   Elevate Your Research
With CSAS you can effortlessly manage large consumer panels and create complex questionnaires. Our questionnaire and report libraries can be deployed with one-click to multiple locations.

○   Working Together
User experience is the driving force for our continuous improvement. Our software provides flexibility to integrate with other systems and customise its features to meet customer requirements – now and in the future.

○   Safe and Secure
All data collected with CSAS is stored according to the highest industry standards. 

CSAS Sensory Software is Suitable to Different Research Approaches 

CSAS Sensory Software is Suitable to Different Research Approaches

○   Sensory Lab
Create various rooms and locations together with our monitoring options ensuring a complete overview of all sensory research projects which are conducted within your organisation as well as the distribution and evaluation of your presented samples per project. Allocate a single or a group of projects to a location or a single booth and customize the order of the test presentation. 

○   Central Location Testing (CLT) 
Tests can be set up and used in locations all over the world to globally collect your data. Restrictions can be set up to ensure your supplier only has access to for example certain projects or open your environment to colleagues at the other side of the world.

○   In-Home Testing (HUT) Consumer Testing
With Home Use Testing, organisations send their products to consumers at home and have them fill out product based evaluations from their home. Our software is cloud based or locally therefore you only need an internet connection and browser to get started. With unique logins for all your users means that personal information is secure but still available for project managers. E-mail your consumer panel a unique test link making sure they are logged in immediately with a possibility to respond anonymously. A portal can be configured so that the consumer can keep a clear schedule of their testing appearances and future appointments. 

CSAS Sensory Software Functional Modules

CSAS Sensory Software Functional Modules
○   Recruiting Screener: Anonymous Recruiting.
○   Capture your subjects' demographics and product usage to create more targeted recruiting campaigns.
○   Allow new subjects to join your database via web browser.
○   Create customized questionnaires to track demographics that can be required or voluntary.
○   Monitor attendance and performance for your panels.


Live Results
○   Your data updates with every click of the mouse, providing real-time outcome monitoring during your entire data collection process. CSAS’s Live Results are instantly stat-tested.
○   Intuitive wizards guide you through the application.
○   Setup, customize, and launch your projects quickly and easily using CSAS’s built-in wizards. These wizards are designed to allow you to be proficient in CSAS without spending hours learning a new system. Login and go, only with CSAS.

Serving Console
○   Monitor your testing from anywhere in the world

Custom Reports
○   Spend more time analyzing your data and less time creating your reports.

Error-Free Serving
○   Make serving errors a thing of the past. CSAS’s three-digit coding masks product identity and guarantees the correct serving order. 

○   CSAS's Project Database allows you to manage your entire testing database easily and efficiently. Has your product quality diminished over time? Has your competitor improved? With CSAS, you can call up all of your historical data with the click of a button.。

CSAS Sensory Software's General Capabilities

CSAS Sensory Software's General Capabilities

○   Express and Advanced Interface
Create questionnaires in 4 simple steps using the Express interface or experience full edit capabilities of CSAS using the Advanced interface

○   Ease of Use
Build your desired design with our powerful design generator with ease and create complex questionnaires in no time by adding conditions, branching options and piping

○   Look & Feel
Give your questionnaires a personal touch using the built-in Text Editor and by adding images, sounds and videos

○   Preview
With the preview button you can preview the screen of the test, preview the status of the tester doing the experiment to check it is set up correctly

○   Randomize Items
Randomize your question items once per panellist or for every product

○   Blinding Codes
Three-digit blinding codes are automatically generated through the design generator with a possibility to configure this process of generation to fully match your internal requirements. Each blinding code has its own unique color scheme which can be customized per product and this colouring can be used in reports and graphs

○   Statistics
Generated design can be checked on distribution and first order effect to make sure your generated or custom design is fully balanced

○   Data Export
Export your project data in various formats such as Excel and also more advanced exports

○   Product Database
Easily import products from your Product Database into your design which is the primary place to maintain all your products. Create custom product fields which can be used in reporting

○   Attribute Database
Easily import attributes from your Attribute Database into your project which is the primary place to maintain your attributes in all available languages

○   Analysis & Reporting
In CSAS, the default auto report creates a comprehensive analytical report based on the available data from your project and automatically uses the applicable analyses from CSAS. For more personalized reports you can create custom Excel auto reports allowing users to create comprehensive reports from single or merged project data within a click. Customization of reports allows the addition of products, sessions and panellists specific information as well as organisation logo and other images 

○   Custom Questions
Create custom questions and share these with your colleagues. All custom created questions can be used in all questionnaires

○   Update Panellists Profile
Use created categories in questionnaires so panellists can update their personal information through CSAS screeners or projects

○   Panellist History
Be able to keep track of the panellist history and export this to Excel

Food & Beverage
○   Food & Beverage
○   Wine
○   Automotive Interior
○   Electronic Product
○   Daily Supplies
○   Multisensory Design: The Empathy-Based Approach To Workplace Wellness