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CSAs sensory analysis software has always been a network application focusing on sensory and consumer research. It has developed into a tool to help hundreds of leading organizations around the world improve and maintain their product quality. We provide these organizations with all the tools they need for sensory and consumer research, and work with them on a long-term basis to further develop our software based on specific customer needs and predicted market needs and new technologies.

In addition to sensory software, we also provide you with customized sensory laboratory services, sensory accessories, sensory training and sensory testing services. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive sensory solutions.

Detailed Introduction

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RuiFen Sensory Facility

○ Create various rooms and locations together with our monitoring options ensuring a complete overview of all sensory research projects which are conducted within your organisation as well as the distribution and evaluation of your presented samples per project. Allocate a single or a group of projects to a location or a single booth and customize the order of the test presentation.

○ Our sensory facility consists of a kitchen and a testing area with booths. The testing area is separated but in close vicinity of the kitchen so samples can be served quickly without affecting its physical and chemical properties during transfer. Samples are handled, stored and prepared according to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards. The testing area is built with the ability to control the lightning, temperature as well as humidity. The surface material and color used in each of the booths is kept neutral to prevent potential distractions. All booths are well ventilated and equipped with computers consisting of our CSAS software to collect data from respondents.