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We are changing the world of flavor, and we are happy to show you!

CSAs sensory analysis software has always been a network application focusing on sensory and consumer research. It has developed into a tool to help hundreds of leading organizations around the world improve and maintain their product quality. We provide these organizations with all the tools they need for sensory and consumer research, and work with them on a long-term basis to further develop our software based on specific customer needs and predicted market needs and new technologies.

In addition to sensory software, we also provide you with customized sensory laboratory services, sensory accessories, sensory training and sensory testing services. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive sensory solutions.

Detailed Introduction

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Sensory Training

Our trainers and consultants have supported thousands of sensory panels and professionals globally. From structured sensory courses and bespoke train the trainer sessions right through to in-brewery freshness consultancy and from-scratch company-wide sensory program rollout, our team of sensory experts are frequently called upon by the world's food and beverage brand owners.


At Distance Training

delivered via webinar sessions by one or more of our sensory experts. Tools are shipped in advance and preparation coaching provided to panel leaders where required.


In Person Training

Sessions are delivered in person at your chosen location by one of our sensory experts. Trainer will travel with tools required for each session they conduct.


Example Course Content

Training sessions are tailored to your specific food/beverage, product(s) and learning objectives. Delivered to panels, sales/marketing teams and individuals as direct training or as part of a 'train the trainer' package. 

○   Basic Tasting Techniques and focus on Flavour Recognition
○   Basic Tasting Techniques and focus on Rank Rating
○   Advanced Training with focus on Descriptive Tasting
○   Basic Training for Professional Evaluation
○   Food/Beverage Specific Sensory Training
○   Focused training on main off-flavours and taints
○   Training on off-flavours which appear after production
○   Training on flavours that are making your product so special


The benefits of Sensory Training are numerous,
here are just some of them

○   Validating sensory panels confirms performance, thereby reducing risk of undesirable product release
○   Comprehensive feedback from across whole organisation
○   Focused training means a reduction in costs by tailoring specialised training programmes to each
and every panel and panellist
○   Panels and individuals learn their strengths and weaknesses and can hone skills accordingly
○   Training encourages staff retention and is attractive to new talent
○   Training across an organisation improves staff loyalty and product awareness