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Data is the Secret of High-quality Products

We are changing the world of flavor, and we are happy to show you!

CSAs sensory analysis software has always been a network application focusing on sensory and consumer research. It has developed into a tool to help hundreds of leading organizations around the world improve and maintain their product quality. We provide these organizations with all the tools they need for sensory and consumer research, and work with them on a long-term basis to further develop our software based on specific customer needs and predicted market needs and new technologies.

In addition to sensory software, we also provide you with customized sensory laboratory services, sensory accessories, sensory training and sensory testing services. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive sensory solutions.

Detailed Introduction

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Expand your panel using an online registration questionnaire, ask as many questions as you like and collect data about demographics, shopping habits, products usage or any other panellist characteristic you can think of. Choose manually who to admit into your database

Our software turns any device instantly into a data collection tool for both Sensory and Consumer Research. Steps are as follows:

○   Create Questionnaires:
You can create questionnaires in minutes, just drag-and-drop the questions you need. Type your questions, add markup using the build in text editor and make these more interactive using images, videos, icons or gifs.
○   Methods
Start by selecting one of our consumer or sensory templates from our extensive library or create your own custom template and share it across your organisation. No matter the type of project, CSAS has the tools to make it as easy as possible!
○   Question types
Choose from our extensive library of question types to get you started, ranging from basic sensory question types such as one-choice, multiple choice, Liking or linescales to more advanced question types including TDS, JAR.
○   Experimental Design
The powerful design generator in CSAS gives the user complete control to create a variety of serving orders.
○   Conducting Tests
CSAS turns any device into a potential test station by having both online and offline options. Tests can be conducted in a classic sensory lab (CLT), over the corporate intranet (e-mail invite), for consumer home use (HUT) and through web questionnaires (CAWI). During testing, both panellists and sample presentation can be monitored using our dynamic monitoring options.
○   Data Exploration
Collected data can be sent to our Central Database, where filters on sample, assessor, product and time give you endless possibilities filtering your data which can be exported to Excel or directly loaded for analysis.

CSAS offers an extensive library of Sensory and Consumer analysis which can be combined in a report. Based on the popular statistical web technology and Distributed computing technology is able to perform complex statistical calculations which are created, validated and documented.

Speed up your research using automated reports which can be generated in one click after collecting your data. You select which attributes, products, sessions and panellists you wish to analyse and the statistical tests you want performed – all from easy-to-use wizard interface. CSAS will do the rest by providing as much analysis detail as you need and producing a report with tables and editable graphics.