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Data is the Secret of High-quality Products

We are changing the world of flavor, and we are happy to show you!

CSAs sensory analysis software has always been a network application focusing on sensory and consumer research. It has developed into a tool to help hundreds of leading organizations around the world improve and maintain their product quality. We provide these organizations with all the tools they need for sensory and consumer research, and work with them on a long-term basis to further develop our software based on specific customer needs and predicted market needs and new technologies.

In addition to sensory software, we also provide you with customized sensory laboratory services, sensory accessories, sensory training and sensory testing services. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive sensory solutions.

Detailed Introduction

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Your Trusted Partner
○   Our team follows a full-service approach to partnership. We work with you to evaluate your project objectives, testing details and deliverables, and develop a customized solution that effectively identifies the product characteristics and differences that matter to you.

Harness Our Knowledge and Experience
○   When you engage with Ruifen, you gain access to a diverse team of sensory experts. Our cross-functional industry experience, combined with our background in food science and nutrition, gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently assess your project needs to fulfill your project goals.

Creative Consulting and Ideation
○   The Ruifen team provides creative consulting and ideation on a daily basis or on a monthly contractual arrangement. Get in touch to learn more about how we can take your project to the next level.

Panelist Selection and Training
○  Our panelists bring extensive experience with a wide variety of products to your project.  Our panelists have evaluated it all. In addition, our team manages the screening, training, monitoring, and maintenance of your panel.

Customized Training with RuiFen
○   Whether you require panel leader training or lexicon development among functional groups, we offer local, national, and global customized training programs.